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Itching for new bow..How long have you had yours??

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I like to buy new toys for playing..I've had my only bow for 4 seasons ..Reflex Prowler. I mean it shoots great but looking at all the catalogs coming in the mail.Its been a good year financially and I can sell the old setup on ebay for a couple hundred.I hunt with the bow about 30 times a season. The new Reflex Grizzly looks mighty fine...and nothing pumps me up more than new stuff to play with!!:D
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Mathews Outback when they came out last year...Too bas the Switchback wasn't out yet or I would have gotten that instead!However,my Outback is a pretty decent bow.
Also bought a new Hoyt Ultramag last year but could'nt get used to it so I sold it right before the season.
Recently got rid of my old Mathews MQ32 that I had for several years-A great bow but just needed a change of pace!!
Always shot a Bear , since a kid went from long bow to recurve to the compound. My last Bear was a code S new 2000. Well it's 2005 and I gave in and switched brands, My switchback is only a month old and should last me till they come out with some new dynamics to the world of archery.:D
My Hoyt Vortec is an 02 and shoots great but I had to get the new Switchback. One word of advice, don't shoot one or you'll have to get one. If I find something else good I'll get that as a backup and sell the Hoyt. [up]
I was shooting a Browning Trophy Magnum compound bow (my first and only bow!!!) up until the end of last season.

I've had that bow for over 16+ years (approx.), have taken about 4+ deer/year with it each year, and have NEVER changed the original string or set up!!!!

I would shoot three or four arrows into a paper plate before opening day each year to check my pendulum sight/peep sight alignment, then the rest of the shots were all at deer.

Outlaw can't believe that I've done nothing to the bow since I bought it and originally set it up, except for waxing the string at the start of each season!!!! :D[up]

It's gonna be a whole new learning experience shooting the crossbow for the first time this year - I can't wait for the bow season to get here already!!!![up]
I shot my Dad's crossbow over the 4th of July weekend. It took me about 2 shots... it figure it out.

Tip: watch your fingers.
I haven't really had much feeling in my fingers for many years now due to swelling in my hands and wrists, so that shouldn't be a problem!!!!![smirk][up]
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