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Itching for new bow..How long have you had yours??

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I like to buy new toys for playing..I've had my only bow for 4 seasons ..Reflex Prowler. I mean it shoots great but looking at all the catalogs coming in the mail.Its been a good year financially and I can sell the old setup on ebay for a couple hundred.I hunt with the bow about 30 times a season. The new Reflex Grizzly looks mighty fine...and nothing pumps me up more than new stuff to play with!!:D
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My hoyt ultra mag isnt the top of the line when it comes to hoyts but it has almost everything the other hoyt bows have except for the machined riser. It shoots great and I can't wait to get a deer with it. Bow season cant come soon enough!!!!!!:D
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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