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Introducing....Team 35WHELAN.....Flukethon 2005

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We got 11 keepers. Pretty sure it was (wojto 4, imb21 3 (including the biggest one), 35Whelan 0, Dragthor 4)

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At times we were killing them with killies (mostly warm dead killies).

We caught a lot of fluke... we were talking on the way home last night... I think I (Dragthor) easily caught at least 25 of them (only 4 were keepers).

wojto, 35whelan, and imb21 caught a bunch too. wojto caught several skates... and we also caught a lot of sea robbins.

My forearm is sore.
Oh... and imb21 also caught the only bluefish.
Also... we threw back a few that were really really close to 16.5 inches. :D
Congrats fellas - nice fish - looks like a great day.

I'm going down to Sea Girt on Thursday afternoon to find some stripers off the beach. My buddy who lives nearby says he's doing great off the beach.
We should set up another contest in August, this way other people that wanna go, can have a monthes notice to get involved!!!
i bet i got around 20 fluke. i was a great day. so how's the sunburn everyone? i took today off. i got back to the mother-in-laws and passed out.
Woj, I am soooo hurting from the sunburn!!! i got home, took a shower and pased out. CAlled off work today, and I still feel like crap!!! LOL but it was FUN!!!
A nice picture of IMB21 after the trip. Maybe he should have brought some sunblock?

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Nah..Its only my neck and back!!
Drag had sunblock, But I am not a Wuss!!! LOL
my neck is the only thing hurting. good thing i didn't take my shirt off like someone

the back of my legs got it bad too but it doesn't hurt as bad.

i have the raccoon eyes. face is all sunburn with white eyes because of sunglasses.
Those skates and sea robbins were annoying... but they give a good fight.
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