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HEY GUYS, for those who have AIM or some type of instant message. post your Screen Names here for general BS.

MINE IS: OutlawJw413
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that'll work great... another thing might be cool check it out:
anyone ever hear of "ventrillo" its a program, easy to use and free to download where we all connect to an IP adress and we can BS with microphones in different channels, example: each evening when im on my computer i would just open up the program and keep it running in the backround. through my speakers i would hear you guys just shooting the breeze and all i would have to do is press the assigned "hotkey" to talk with you...kinda like 3-way but everyone can hear/talk, and you can make different rooms like the message board is set up. would be great and i microphone is only about 15-20 $ at radioshack....IF your computer doesnt already have one built in. let me know what you all sure i can set it up and host it if dragthor brother is a genius with computers and i know he has one set up and running for a combat game he plays in college. its neet. any ideas/comments?
Okay.. the IM stuff is done. Let me know if there are any issues. Go under My Preferences now...or view someone elses.

Thanks for the input. [up]
I also added fields for "County of Residence" and "Primary Hunting County".
no thoughts on my previous post? ANYONE>>?????[up][down]
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