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Im a believer.....

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After reading a thread about trout being caught in the filty passaic, outlaw mentioned he has seen b [no swearing please] amoung other things come outta a local stretch. Well i thought i would give it a shot the other day. Went out a messed around with a black powerworm 4" for awhile. I think i had a hit but nothing hooked up. Anyway i decide i would tie on a small mepps XD spinner with char. tail. Well half a dozen casts and i hook some little panfish. Had an orange belly. Idk what it was though lol.

So i keep tossing the 1/8 oz. spinner and sure enough what bites. A 13" pound or so smallmouth. I thought i hooke a carp at first or a catfish when i felt the considerable weight on the line. Nope was def a nice healthy chunky bass. What the heck arew they doing in the passaic! Makes me wonder what else i can coax outta there? Maybe ill try again with a full size spinnbait and see what happens. Hopfully i didnt catch the only one in the river lol:p
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I tried the Passaic the other day at Two Bridges in Fairfield, but didn't catch anything. I heard there were pike and smallmouth there, but got nothing. I need see some sunfish though. Maybe I need a canoe or something.
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