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"This was posted on another site by an Illinois Consevation officer"

Ok we have a hands down winner- no more entries will be accepted.

On Saturday I set up two of our officers with the deer decoy in Brown County. After about 40 minutes a truck was traveling down the road. They saw the decoy and locked up the brakes and slid to a stop. Two guys in camoflage jumped out of the truck. One officer was hidden close enough to hear most of their conversation as they exicitedly talked about the buck and the rack on it. They are discussing how the deer is looking away and that they can sneak up on it. One subject who earned the nickname "Terrorist" arms himself with a boxcutter from thwe cab of the truck. He is talking about cutting the deers throat. The second subject who earned the nickname "Bob the Builder" grabs a hammer from the bed of the truck. They plan an attack and sneak on the deer decoy, and are overheard discussing if the "deer" is sick or hurt" because it has not run away yet. They then begin to execute the sneak and crawl on the decoy. One guy, Bob the Builder with his hammer, gets to within about 15 yards of the decoy before he realizes that something is wrong and it is not with the "deer". He then stands up from his belly crawl. The two officers were laughing so hard I could not hardly understand what they were saying on the radio.

Boxcutter man and hammer man then sheepishly come back to their truck where the officers are now waiting. The officers swear that they were professional and quit laughing when they made contact with the subjects.

No charges were filed by the officers for attempting to take the deer with illegal devices. As one of the officers put it...........I did not want to write them since we would have to have a shrink decide if they were competent to stand trial or not---- the other officer I think was more on traget when he said he didn't think he could stop laughing long enough to write the tickets.

Oh before you start slamming Brown County folks...... they were non-residents. Now that they are packing boxcutters you may want to reconsider your feelings about the Patriot Act.
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