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Some of you I have hunted or fished with. Others I have met or just know from the site. I just want to say it's been a pleasure getting to know you all. As I get to know more of you this list will get longer each year! All those members with 200 posts or more made the list! This is all meant in fun so please take it with a grain of salt!

If I were Santa Claus this is what my gift list would look like!...

Wojtowicza: A lifetime supply of yellow and black Roostertail spinners so he can finally catch some trout.

35Whalen: An autographed axe signed by the exotic dancer "The Lumberjack". Pop's is his biggest fan!

Imb21: Fishing lures with rubber hooks.

hkdonfshn: A helmet with full face guard in case imb21 forgets to bring his new lures fishing!

Dragthor: A trip to see the Wizard of Oz to get some courage so he can go into the bear woods without Matty holding his hand!

Dragthor's wife: A trolling motor so she doesn't have to row Drags butt around the lake while he's fishing anymore!

jrhunt: A job before he turns into Grizzly Adams and just disapears into the wilderness to live off the land!

Matty: A subscription to "Guns and Ammo" and "Playboy" There's more to life then Bow hunting my friend!!!

BOWHUNTERCOP: A book writing deal for his first book titled "Speak Your Mind, I Do!".

DBuck: A copy of the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

NJFarmgirl: A can of mace in case she runs into Matty, OOPs I mean a bear in the woods!

Buckman37: Matty's address in case NJFarmgirl goes missing.

DeerSeasonWidow: A hunting license so she can spend time with her husband in the Fall and Winter too!

Luknikk: A sharp saw so he can cut those spikes off his EAB does! Sorry Luk I had too!

Mysticguido: His own traditional cooking show!

Mpemt24: A 4 leaf clover, Rabbit's foot and a horse shoe for next deer season! Your luck has to change!!!

Mack: Highschool on tape and a walkman so he can listen to his school lessons while he sleeps leaving more time for him to post on NJH when he's awake..

Bacs: A lifetime supply of Coorslight and Yankee baseball caps to replace all the ones he loses overboard on all those future blue fishing trips.

Outlaw: The number of a good taxidermist in case he wants to get something mounted.

VENISONEATR: A T-shirt with a picture of the Big Bad Wolf from the Buggs Bunny cartoons giving the thumbs up with the words "His hair was perfect!" over top!

JJoe: His own fishing and hunting show! Is there anything he isn't good at catching or killing?

bloodtrails: 3 minutes in the ring with NBK! If your really good this year I'll give you another 3 minutes...

Mate Mike: A captains hat!

Bryan: A pat on the back for shooting some fine looking bucks!

Tommy: His own deer camp for hunters who never killed a buck! It includes gogo girls for the lodge!

Drome: You already got your present this year! Santa(Tommy) was very good to you!

jims: Two new knees and a bears front left paw!

ScrubbyRackBuck: A brother-in-law who isn't affraid to stand in the woods in the dark with a flashlight to mark the "Last Blood"

SxSshooter: More days off so he can bail my team out in the "Small Game Contest"!

Dsaint004: A new ATV to get those Pa deer out of the woods!

Double Lunger: His own website so he can show off his Trail Cam knowledge...Oh wait he already has that... How about a camp so you can enjoy the outdoors even while working...What?..He has that too? Man he is hard to buy for!

El Jefe: A breathalizer test that wont let him type on the computer after too many Rum&Cokes.....

OutlawJT: A subscription to the joke of the week club...The gift that just keeps on giving!

nightstalker911: A list of every e-mail address in the world so we can all get his joke mail!

230grain hollowpoint: A lifetime supply of C'meredeer so he can spray it on all his neighbors plants and lawns to keep the deer out of his yard!

yoda4x4: A trip to the Dr. Phil Show to see why he names his weapons!

NJDiverDan: A lifetime supply of batteries for his camera and a field notebook so he can post more of his awesome hunting stories with great detail and pictures!

BobR: The best rain gear money can buy! Bob hates getting wet!

MS22: One of those straps that connect to your sun glasses that stops them from falling off so he doesn't have to keep buying a new pair of Ray Ban sun glasses after each fishing trip!

NJ Bowhntr: The gift packet you get when you join the North American Hunting Club. I know how bad you want one!

Dave2122: A slobgun oops! I mean shotgun with a life time supply of unlimited doe tags!

TJC: A single shot 4-10 shotgun to give those poor pheasants a chance!!!

Browning 10 Ga: A cold weather emergency kit that includes Tiffany Lakosky!

Pla930: A wounded Bear Rescuer - Rescue Squad Kit including Wounded Bear Rescuer - Rescue T-Shirt, First Aid kit containing Tin-foil hats, deer jerky and a thermos of hot beef broth.

BobM: Quality deer management in zone 2...

Gunnyfern: Another gun safe so he can buy more guns without selling anymore!

GhostBear: Shooting lessons with his glasses on! He's a dead eye with them off!

apmaurosr: Another trip to Africa just so we can read about his great adventures!!

Kah1993: A better place to hunt...He can't seem to find any BIG bucks!

dirtfarmer: An audition for a ZZTop stunt double!

NHBuck: An address back in NJ where he belongs!

Dawgs: A lifetime supply of Deep Woods Off to keep those nasty horseflies off of him!

JerseyHunter: A lifetime supply of Velveeta cheese so he always has bait as well as lunch when trout fishing!

TrailBlazer: More volunteers then you can shake a stick at!

Lifehog: A one year FREE p [no swearing please] to the Game Creek Shooting Preserve!

JERSEY BOB: A Jackie "The Buckmaster" Bushman for Governor T-shirt!

Wingshooter: A life time supply of Twix candy bars so he doesn't have to steal them from his kids Halloween candy anymore!

Cheese: A smoker for his fish with an electronic ignition so he can get it lit!

1shot: A vacation in the dessert. I can tell from your post you don't like being by the ocean! Much!

BuckFever: The names and addresses of the people who stole his tree stands! Wouldn't that be a fun house call?!!

Elmo :A lifetime membership in the Tally Ho Gun Club!

houndawgg: Some new butchering equipment so he can put "The Love" into his meat the way only he know's how!

Ringneck: Some extra pairs of panty hose to preserve those birds he wants to mount. You don't want to be going into the store to buy panty hose too often. People will start to talk!

CarloFunk: The "Faces of Death" video collection because the stuff on them is real!...It's real man....Really!

JerseyFJ40: Directions back to the site! Where did you go my friend?

Stealthy Bowman: A hunt with Tred Barta on his show!

GSPOTTER: A Rabbi crossing sign to put up next to his Morris Township deer stand!

TITUS: A new bow...7 years is long enough and I know like most of us this time of year, you've come down with the ever dreaded Fundsarelow flu....

Passthru125: A Blizzard and hurricane proof grill bolted to his deck! Like the mailman delivering the mail, there's no stopping him from cooking out!

njhunter: A lighter climbing tree stand so he can stay awake for the hunt after lugging it into the woods!

spltlim: Some stock in Remington Firearms. The way he promotes them he may as well get some money for it!

Luv2hunt: A trip to the next Flukeathon...His best gift of the year kept him from the last one! That 8lb. 6oz. gift is all you could ever ask for....

jcchartboy: He hangs out on Fire Island in a house where the women out number the men 3-1, the bar is always fully stocked and that also has Boone & Crocket deer running around 24/7 and he wants a Christmas gift? Santa gets jealous too ya know!

hockysticks: A New Jersey Devils jersey...It will be McGillis so it still has that Flyer feel to it for ya!

rutnbk: A gift certificate to LUCIANOS in Lodi! I know how much you love that place!

wildwork: 30 hours in a day instead of 24 so he has more time to hunt, fish, trap and hike. When he isn't doing them he is learning, teaching, promoting or writing about them! Maybe I should make that 40 hours?

Hawkeye525: A long bow that comes with a patch for that dominant left eye!

Bumhunt:A radio collar so I can find out where he is finding all these beautiful zone 6 bucks!!!

Redman: Permission to hunt and fish the Greystone property!!!

Bob825: A tatoo of the number 825 to help him remember his anniversary and his wifes Birthday...


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Holy cow Jim, for Christmas, you should get yourself an operation for the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome you probaly got from typing this..

Great job , very funny :D[up]

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Actually I've been working on this for about a week. I typed it up a little at a time and when I was done just cut and pasted it! It was fun to think about!
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