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ideas on how to hang a feeder

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I bought cabelas 5 gallon automatic deer feeder

Its basically a 5 gallon bucket with a device on the bottom. Any ideas on how to hang this? Just rope it over a branch? Or should I just use a screw in step and screw it in up high on a tree?
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I bought the same one and I made a tri-pod out of 2x4's and painted them camo. I also cut the bottom out of a 2 gallon pail. When I need to fill the feeder, I just place it on the 2 gallon pail with the dispenser/motor thru the cut bottom. This keeps it stable even when it is full and heavy. I just hide the little pail in a bush. For a tree hang I just make a bracket out of 2x4's that hangs the feeder like 18 inches from the tree. If you are in a bear area I would suggest using a rope....Hope this helped..
I will try to take pictures but the camp is 3 hrs away and you'll probably have it hung by the next time I get up there.

We took 2 2x4x10 pressure treated and nailed them together with blocks in between. Sunk them 2 feet in the ground At the top we put a 3 foot long piece of 2x4 and secured it between the uprights and braced it. We put an eye hook in the 2x4 and hung a pulley. About 3 feet off the ground we put one of those metal flag pole rope ties attached to the 2x4 upright. The rope has one loop that we hook on the rope holder when the bucket is full which hangs the bottom of the feeder about 6.5 to7 feet from the ground and about 2.5 feet from the uprights. The rope also has a loop tied in it so that when we lower the feeder we just put the loop on the hook and it holds the bottom of the feeder about 6 inches off the ground making it easy to fill without damaging the houseing.

Whatever you do make sure that squirels/chipmunks etc can not jump onto the motor houseing. After about 3 weeks they had chewed 1/2 the side of the plastic funnel that sets the seed from the bucket onto the spinner plate and emptied the feeder. We took a piece of roof flashing and shaped and atached it to what was left of the original piece. Now they can't get in. We also wrapped the uprights with some old above the ground pool wall so they can't climb the poles and the rope. They sell a zapper at cabelas for this problem.

Sorry for the length. We had at least 15 to 20 pictures of the culprits jumping from the trees and poles at the feeder and climbing the rope. Now we have a regular stray cat that hangs out near the feeder and low and behold the rodent pop is almost non-exsistent. Good thing I didn't use her for target practice as she WAS a mangey sickly looking thing!
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Sling a rope over a big branch . Thats how I hang my bucket feeders .
Step ladder, (1) pulley and a legnth of rope, make a loop with the pulley tie around a limb, then thread the rope through the pulley, makes it alot easier to lift when full. Takes a little to set up but its there when you need it. when finished tie around tree till next year.
I had the same idea with the rope and pulley. Id love to build something with wood (im in construction ;) ) but for right now I need something quick until I can see the thieves aren't lurking anymore on the private land I hunt.

Your squirrel problem is easier answered with a box of .22 ammo ;)

Pulley idea sounds good - you have some desperate thieves if they are looking to scam a feeder!
Well, I had a feeder set up last year to take some pics over, and someone found it and smashed it to pieces. Couldnt just steal it, they had to smash it all up.

we use a hand crank(boat trailer) with a strong rope to raise and lower feeder 55 gal.The feeder is hung between two 2x4 nailed together with lag screws.Its real easy to fill.
you would be amazed at what people will steal.
buy one piece of 4 inch sewer pipe, cut it in half buy two caps, tie to a tree 3 inches of the ground an you will have a good gravity feeder for less than $15.00 both pieces will hold 50 lbs of corn.
High in the tree with a rope and pully with a hand crank and lock. Keep it away from people and bears.
buy one piece of 4 inch sewer pipe, cut it in half buy two caps, tie to a tree 3 inches of the ground an you will have a good gravity feeder for less than $15.00 both pieces will hold 50 lbs of corn.
Posted: 12 Jan 2006 5:40 PM
I like that.. simple, i never would have thought of it. thanks, I'll let the 9 yr old paint it up[up]
2x4's a block of wood 4x4, laghook,nails and a lagbolt with 2 washers. One 2x4 is lagged to the block so you can swing the leg to lower the feeder to fill it.
was at home depot today 10 ft sewer pipe $6.00 2 caps $1.25 each total $8.50 plus tax and some rope. will try to post a pic, but I still can't get them right??
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sorry the pic is so small, but that is one of the 5 ft. sections in the back ground
How many pounds can one pull up with that single pulley....6.5 gal pail sure ..what about a 30 gal ?
I use a pulley to. it makes it easier to fill. also I tied a knot 2 ft up from the feeder and put a piece of 3/4 gas pipe.This solved the problem of those tree rats getting to my feeder.
How would you guys go about hanging a 200 lb feeder in a tree about 30-40 feet up? :)
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