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Yes I caught some fish!!

Perfect colorful Rainbows far upstream from the last stocking point. wild? holdover? stockies that traveled? I have no idea but they were fun to catch. At least 4-5 miles upstream from closest stocking point with 2 waterfalls betweeen...One of these bows jumped 5 feet in the air so maybe they did clear the falls....But I find no other bows from that spot down to within a mile of the stocking point.

Also caught a couple of nice wild brookies and of course a few wild browns (its a classified wild trout stream). Water was perfect tonight...just the right height and color. So the orvis 5 I need practice, my longest cast was maybe 30 feet and thats being optomistic, my accuracy sucks. I'm better with the old P.O.S. fly rod I had been using but maybe 'cause I'm used to it.
This is my first time using a 7ft IDK maybe thats part of my problem.

The pics...


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Before this big rain the sulphers were hatching on the Pequanack big time. I looked below the railroad bridge by the waterall there were so many tiny fish rising it looked like it was raining. Among these rises there were a few trout. Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to fish the hatch. Hopefully it will pick up again when the weather clears.
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