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I saw 11 bucks today( 1/09)

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I had a plan to use my climber in Mendham where I saw that big Piebald 8PT Friday. Last year and this year I noticed the deer would hang up about 100 yards below my stand in the thicker stuff. Im on an oak flat.
So I drive all the way up and look in the back of my truck and i forgot to put the climber in.
Ok I'll go in the stand on the oak flat.
At 3:50 I hear a noise and get out the binocs. It 2 (8Pointers) fighting pretty hard. I watch them fight for about 3 - 4 minutes and notice more Deer moving. It 9 more Bucks.And there within 10 yards of the tree I wanted to climb.The big 8 I saw last week was not with them. But 4 of the Bucks I saw where shooters. They start heading my direction but the wind shifts and one starts blowing. That was it they all stayed in that area until dark.
I also saw 15 does.( of which 3 where piebalds)
this area has alot of Piebalds
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You have some prime property. Must be nice!
Nice...i guess you need some guys to shoot some of those deer right? maybe we could have the next deerathon on ur property in
Good story- I saw one tall spike today-that's it.
i guess we can do the group bowhunt on jrhunt's
i guess we can do the group bowhunt on jrhunt's property.....
The funny thing is its only 26 acres. I can see 9 houses from my stand
Nice i was out saturday did not see a tail till i was going home
Wow, that was lucky. That must be good,property.[up]
26 acres with 16 guys for the group hunt...sounds a lot better than some of the clubs i hear about these days. lol
Its one of the few places I hunt that gets very little hunting pressure. We got lucky when we found that property.
The property owners only allow us to bowhunt.
Sounds like a perfect place to hunt[up]
can't remember the last time I saw over five bucks in one day...must be a nice little spot you got there JR[up]
Need help?
Need help?
thanks, but I think I can handle it.
I saw 11 bucks today
That's more bucks than I've seen the entire season!

JR: If I were you I would take a couple of days off from work and hunt all day while it's hot.
The funny thing is its only 26 acres. I can see 9 houses from my stand
yup the perfect sanctuary...
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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