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I just noticed I passed the 2000 post mark. I either need a life or I have a slow job.
Where's that addiction thread? I need to start my 12 step program.
Step 1. Good nights sleep.
Step 2. Wake up early.
Step 3. Make coffee.
Step 4. Feed the dog.
Step 5. Load truck with shotgun.
Step 5. Check to make sure you have license and all the clothing you need. Don't forget the lunch.
Step 6. Meet sponsor (hunting partner) at the hunting grounds.
Step 7. Enjoy the quiet outdoors.
Step 8. Return to vehicles after relaxing therapy.
Step 9. BS and swap stories.
Step 10. Drive home thinking of excuses for why nothing got done at home.
Step 11. Put everything away.
Step 12. Repeat steps 1-11.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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