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I have bashed Mathews for a long time, shooting mainly Hoyt and recently sold my Bowtech. I just bought an Outback off of a guy I put new set of Vaportrails on it, a Spot Hogg Whammy and a couple other things.

I got to tell you this bow is a sweet shooter. This is a solid shooter in your hand, not the quietest or fastest in the bow world but man I fell in love with it with in the first twenty arrows. Shooting 3 in. at 40 with in a half hour of setting it up.

I also have to go on the record in saying I have downed the use of peeps for ever but with this bow being so square to you eye, I can not shot it without one so I guess I'll set up a stand this weekend and do some shooting at last light to see how well I can see out of it.

I told the wife I'm ready to order the Reezen now but just got a strange look, I don't know what that means but I'll be shopping pretty soon.

So in short, I have to man up.... To all you Mathews and peep guys, sorry for all the crap over the years.
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