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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got him finally!

I've watched him for a long time now. Last week I almost had a 10 yd shot. I needed him to step out from behind a cedar when a BIG doe snorted and ruined my chances. I'll get her another day!!;)
I hunted a funnel this am on the ground. At 7 a few does and fawns walked past without seeing me. I figured I was set. Ten minutes later, I notice a buck walking up the run towards me. Its the spike the 8pt travels with. Right behind him is the 8pt! Alright!! It looks good! The spike passes me by and I get ready. I can see the bucks feet passing through the cedars. When he gets to last one I draw. He walks out,stops and looks the other way! I pick a spot and release. Wham! Down he goes! He was a little closer than 30yds so I hit higher than I wanted to but I'll take the out come!:D The shot was a slight quartering away that I measured to be about 25yds. Man what a day! I'm guessing he'll weigh 150-160 and maybe score 110-115.

Joe [up] CONGRATS !!!! I would say at least 150LBS. for that deer.....You worked hard for that buck, once agian CONGRATS[up]

Are you getting him mounted? If so, whos doing the work?
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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