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I got in my stand at 5:20am, at 7:50am I hear then see a deer, it was a buck heading towards me, he's about 75 yards in front of me, then another buck comes this one was either a 4 or 5 pointer, he makes a sharp right and is heading towards these very thick pines, then the 9 pointer walks towards the the smaller buck, I still have no idea it's a 9 pointer, all I know it's bigger then the other. Here comes a doe, she stops looks at the 2 bucks, and starts slowly walking towards me, the 9 pointer then follows, I put the gun up and got it in my scope I now know he's big, but no shot, I look ahead and see where he's going and I see an opening, it's small and 50yards away, I have confidence in my muzzleloader, he stops in it, and I fire, he drops like a ton of bricks, got some lung and the bullet fragmented and hit the spine.[up]

I was hunting alone today, and how I wish my 2 friends could of been there, buckfever & brownstones, that would of made it even more special, but they had to work I understand guys[up]. Also would like to say thank you to PASSTHRU125 for capping out my buck, FRANK enjoy that deer. I already took it too WILDLIFE PRESERVATIONS, getting a full shoulder mount done. I will post pictures soon, film should be ready around 6 pm tonight.

Took me 2-1/2 hours to drag it out, thats how far in we go. And I didn't get home until 4:30pm, I had to drive down to south jersey to see PASSTHRU125, then off to the taxidermist, let me tell you I'm tired.
1 - 20 of 100 Posts
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