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I Freaking Skimmed One This Morning

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I freaking skimmed one this morning at 20 yards. At first I thought I completely missed.... I sat in the tree cursing at myself for about 15 minutes. I got down and looked at the arrow... it had blood and hair on it...and I think the broadhead hit a rock and snapped off after it skimmed the deers back.

No one drop of blood. I waited an hour and 15 minutes...I went over to where I think the deer layed down... it got up and ran away just fine...tail up and everything.

I suck.
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At least its not wounded.

What do you think happened?

Forget to bend at the waist and hit high?
Wierd too, cause you practice off your deck which is like treestand height.

Well, I still have camo makeup on my arms and face..time to go get cleaned up.:D

Good luck when you get out again Drag![up]
Went out in the am, someone was in my spot, so rather than screw around I went home, and got some stuff done.

Got in my stand by 2pm in the afternoon.

Had a doe come in around 5pm, but she stayed in the thick stuff about 20 yards away. Never offered a shot. Saw two more deer around 7:20 at about 30 yards, but I couldnt tell what they were.

I'll probably be out a few times this week. The only bad thing is, its supposed to be super hot. low to mid 90's.[down] I thought it was pretty hot yesterday, and it didnt even hit 80. I was too hot after my long walk in, and climbing the tree, so I just wore a camo t-shirt, and camo makeup on the bare spots.[up]:D

Howd you do woj? Missed a doe right? Oh well, theres plenty of time![up] Good luck this week.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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