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I Freaking Skimmed One This Morning

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I freaking skimmed one this morning at 20 yards. At first I thought I completely missed.... I sat in the tree cursing at myself for about 15 minutes. I got down and looked at the arrow... it had blood and hair on it...and I think the broadhead hit a rock and snapped off after it skimmed the deers back.

No one drop of blood. I waited an hour and 15 minutes...I went over to where I think the deer layed down... it got up and ran away just fine...tail up and everything.

I suck.
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Hey Drag I MISSED 3 does this yr. clean misses. all shots went one foot+ left of aiming point,I suck too... after the third one I said enough and went to the sport shop, all shots hit the mark, until I put on my NEW bowjacket w/ built in armguard and found out the string is hitting it!!![down][mad][mad][mad]
so there went that armguard.
Hopefully they'll be back another day[up] and I'll send one your way;)
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