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I don't believe what I just saw!!!

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while looking at the NJ State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs web site, I went to the Merchandize section of their site. I went in to sign their guess book, and as I scroll down, I found to Porno sites advertising. One says Mature Incest Sex Pictures and the other was Incest Father Porn. Wow!!! what that heck is going on here. What a tremedous black eye for the NJF. Dragthor is it me? please proof me wrong here. I just can't believe that they would allow this to happen. Actually it shows a father having sex with his daughter.
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Bloodtrails, I don't know what you did but that was fast, I hope none of our young snappers got a chance to look into it. Again Thank You for the your quick actions. Tony[up]
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