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Please read the message below from Kathleen Canestrino – Engineering Manager, Honeywell - Teterboro, NJ

Our daughter, Lillian Canestrino Agnelly, is a nurse at Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La. She is the manager of the Trauma Center. For 6 days, Lillian was at Charity during the most dangerous and traumatic conditions. For some unknown reason, there was a land-line at the Hospital that reached New Jersey. Lillian called us pleading for help from the outside world. They had no knowledge of what was occurring outside the Hospital. She told us food and medical supplies were running short.

When they tried to evacuate the patients, snipers were shooting at them. Security was extremely limited. Doctors were given weapons to protect the staff from looters. On the 5th day, Lillian told us that the staff had only eaten 1/4 cup of green beans each - all of the remaining food was given to the patients.

Emil called every TV and radio station - he even called the White House, pleading for help. Finally on Friday Sept. 2nd, buses and military police arrived. Lillian was safely evacuated to Baton Rouge, where she was reunited with her husband, Keith. They are staying up North in Louisiana on a farm with Keith's family. They have not been able to return to their home but are one of the fortunate families in Louisiana whose home has not been destroyed. There is some water and wind damage, but it appears to be structurally sound and they await news from their Parish as to when they can return.

Lillian and Keith have three children: Tara, Dave, and Alexis. Keith is also a nurse at Charity Hospital, who teaches Trauma Techniques to students and personnel from other Hospitals. They will both be unemployed and without resources until FEMA or the State of Louisiana gives them assistance. We don’t know if or when Charity Hospital will reopen. They both are professionals and we are sure they will recover. Our family will do everything in our power to help them. We consider Lillian a real heroine. She appeared on ABC's News and 20/20 Show. It brought tears to our eyes to see her vaccinating troops and news reporters. When asked what she wanted, her reply was "to see my husband and children again".

Because of the many requests that we have had from family & friends who want to help, our daughter Diane has set up a web site in Lillian's name. You need to hold the Ctrl key and click (mouse click) while on the link below - to get to the link.

All contributions to this link will go directly to into their account.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and generosity,

Kathy and Emil Canestrino

(201) 487-5219
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