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First, you have the "MUST JOIN" organizations for NJ sportsmen:

1. NRA (Endowment member)
2. US Sportsman's Alliance
3. NJ State Federation of Sportsman's Clubs (State and County)
4. Safari Club International

Then, if you are a gun hunter:

A. Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs

Also, if you are a Bow Hunter:


If you Fish Salt Water:


If you hunt Turkey:

A. National Wild Turkey Foundation

Then, Optional organizations:

A. Knee Deep Club (required if you fish Lake Hopatcong)
B. Shongum Sportsman's Organization
C. Etc...

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UBNJ and thats about it....I used to be an NRA member but I got tired of all the political monetary begging every week,so I never renewed.

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As my part-time business relies heavily on the outdoors, conservation and our freedoms as Americans. I'm a member to over 30 organizations. As of this year I will be joining more local organizations which is kind of backwords, because charity starts at home.

National and International
NRA, DU, National ShootingSports Foundation, Delta Waterfowl, National Trappers Ass., National Fur Takers of America, Izaak Walton League of America, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Quail Unlimited, Pheasnts Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quiality Deer Management Ass., Safari Club International, Outdoor Writers of America Ass., Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett, Whitetails Unlimited, US Sportsmen Alliance, International Hunter Education Ass., Federation of Fly Fishers, International Black Powder Hunters Ass., Wildlife Management Ins., Varmint Hunters Ass., Applalchain Trail Comm., International Bowhunters Organization,Recreational Fishing Ass., and Trout Unlimited.

New(Just sent out)and Local
UBNJ, NJFSCA, JCAA, Muskies INC., NJ Waterfowler, New Jersey Beach Buggy Ass.,

My cost $1070 per year. There value is priceless. Get involved with thier programs, donate any spare time you can it costs you nothing, and you make great friends. It will make you for one, feel good, two, better educated, and three, well informed of the choice we have to make as sportsman.

I'm presently gather more information on this subject to be sold as an article to a magazine. I feel that all these organization are doing a great job for us all. Whether you participate in there subject of influence. Conserving one game species surely helps another in some capacity.

Not to bash any one program, but you should research you organization of choice. As I have found some are no more the a member based magazine, with specialty marketing products. When you see there shows or ads, donating to youths or conservation, they are donating to offset there taxable income. Not that this is a bad thing as it goes to a good cause, but you may be financing a select fews peoples permanant vacations and retirement.

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