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Hunting Land in Zones 12 &14

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Guy's this is no joke. If you need a place to hunt you need to jump on this ASAP . OK The hunting property is in Montgomery Township & Belle Mead zone's 12 & 14 all property is on & off RT 206. OK some of the properties are bow only & some are both Gun & Bow. They only charge you $75 to hunt but you need 1 Million in general liability insurance
here is there web sit.
and click on deer management program.
I got my property yesterday. And this is the best part if you shot two deer & fill out the info paper they send you at the end of the season you get the same property next year . AS of yesterday, they had over 25 hunting spot's open some bow only & some gun & bow but they are going fast. You can get the liability insurance through
New Jersey State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc. But if you want to do it you have to jump on this ASAP. This is some great deer land & it will not last & the hunt will be in this weekend’s paper down there. The reason they have spot's open is because a lot of guy's that hunted last year did not fill out there hunting info & send it back to them so they are OUT. I saw all the Properties. If you want more info, e-mail me at [email protected]
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Hmmm... looks I am going to drive down first thing tomorrow morning.
I am considering also
Call me at work & let me know if you get the property we talked about ;) . I'm here 8 to 4
All I can say is... Thank God I joined the NJSFSC last year!!! Their $1 million insurance came through in the clutch...when I needed it for this hunt. [up]
Hey,,,Kris,,,you got the last permit at Folusiak!

I got my second choice...Runyon.

Shawn,, thanks for the info
JJoe, you saw my name? LOL. I was there at exactly 8 AM.

I'll be at the 7/20 orientation... you? I guess we'll meet there. [up]
Just keep me in mind if one day I need help. Some guy's no names did e-mail me saying I should have not posted this telling me now I'm killing there hunting spot's. But if read there rules you get the spot back next year if you shot two deer & fill out the info paper they send you at the end of the season. If I can help, my sport or another hunt how will. If anyone gets a permit let me know where & how you do on that land.
They should take it up with the township for posting the information on their website long before you told anyone.

Also, its public record.
Yup..#4...It was all filled up already..Quite a few guys where there today..

7-20 for me too. See you guys there..
I am glad I could help Joe. The peace you are hunting is down the road from were Kris & I are hunting.
We'll meet up...I live close by so if you guys are down there during the season and need help you can give me a call.

Take care.
As of 2:45 all the gun properties are gone they do have some & I mean some bow left.
I know of two guy's from this site that got permit’s . Did anyone else get one.
It was nice to meet JJoe, luv2hunt, and Shawnm last night at the orientation. Let's bag a few this year.
Same here Drag..Nice to meet you and luv2hunt.I missed Shawn..Was he there?

From what I heard, there are ALOT of deer around. It should be interesting. We'll get em!
Yeah... Shawnm was there. I met all 5 guys that will be hunting the property with me.
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