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Hunting 101

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Scouting is a year round job, Before, After & During hunting season. If you like to get out of your stand for lunch, and you had small buck's, DOE's or Fawn's walking in your area. look them over and remember it. Also study the plants they eat. Every little thing you see them do. Write it down, Time, place, eating, licking, sniffing. I know it's hard to do all of what I just said, Most of the time I don't have time to do all my scouting.

Learn the Body, knowing where everything is inside you're pray will help you make cleaner kills. A good 3-D model can really help in this part of hunting.

practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. Don't forget to practice from a tree stand from the same height as you hunt, ground blind if you hunt from a ground blind.
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A good one from mid season
Bump for good advice.
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