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Hunter's Ed. Manual (Bow Section)

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Below is a link to the current Hunter's Ed manual section that covers BOW Hunting. As you can see, new students are already being educated in the use of CrossBOWS in NJ.
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Will this become law?
It is a safety rule. And as with other Safety rules, they can be used as a case for negligence if an incident arises from thier being ignored.
As far as it becomeing a NJ Statute, I don't think it, or any of the other safety rules will.
I did notice that they have not updated their Hunter Ed Video. It still refers to a CrossBOW as being Handicapped restricted.
I'm sure they will correct this in time.
You can call it "Jumping the gun" , or you could look at it as being prepared.
By introducing it NOW into the Hunter Ed program, everyone that graduates now, has a working knowledge of Crossbow usage and safety, for when they ARE approved.
Isn't that the Safer way to go ?
I don't believe they are able to take the field test with a CrossBOW until they are "approved" .

Question is, how are some of the Bow instructors (that are RABIDLY against Xbows) going to react when they actually have to Touch one and TEACH their use. Most,I'm sure, with handle it professionally, but I'd like to be a fly on the wall watching the others. Kinda like seeing a Vampire get Holy Water poured on his hands ! [eek]

And if they were to have not been approved, what was the problem. There are plenty of Handicap shooters that would have been reading the manual and seeing the Crossbow info, and benefiting from it.
Do you predict some archery hunters ed instructors dropping out of the program cause of crossbows? Just a question.
I would hope not. I would hope that NJ's instructors would be open minded enough to be able to accept this new type of "BOW". Hopefully the instructors will continue to teach in a professional manor, putting their personal opinions aside during the class.

Oh and Guys (and Gals) , thanks for keeping this Civil [up]

Here we go ...............

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The constant nit picking wears thin on most hunters. It appears we have full inclusion ignore the pettyness and post positive crossbow posts. Try and ignore the nay sayers. There are some still challenging inclusion in Ohio after 30 years. To each his own!

As a word of advice, please try to keep it calm and "clean". I understand that those in power haver their finger poised on the "BANNING" key for a few of you. And as much as I sometimes differ in opinions with some, I'd hate to see their emotions get them tossed off NJH. Because we all can bring good things to this "table" . And above all, we're all Sportsmen, and women. And we need to stay together to deal with the big picture.....
FAR far behind someone who has spent possibly 2 minutes with a fully loaded weapon
You mean the guy that has never fired a gun (ML or SG) , that is handed one at a Hunter Ed Class, Fires 3 or 4 rds. , shows safe handling, then gets his Certification ?

At least with a CrossBOW during the "TEST" they will be required to hit the target with their shots.
With a Shotgun, I don't think that is a requirement...

And don't these firearms ALL shoot further than any BOW, be it Vertical or Xbow ??
welp paul buckshot has a maximum range for deer in the woods at 40 yrds with 2 and 3/4 inch so i would say i could shoot a deer in the woods at more than that wit a crossgun
40yds. is the MAXIMUM "EFFECTIVE" range of Buckshot (as per the Hunter Ed. Manual)

1895 feet or 632 yds. is the maximum RANGE of 00 Buck. Also as per the Hunters Ed manual Pg. 38 if you don't believe me.

Oh and we all know how a twig can deflect an arrow (any arrow), but it's a know fact that Buckshot will go through all but the thickest briars. That why it's used on Deer Drives.
And while were on the subject of RANGE, don't forget a Rifled Slug has a range of 3780 feet or roughly 3/4 of a mile............

didnt t daley put a bolt through one of your targets at 100 yrds dead center
80yds. at a 4 yr. old Black Hole target that had way too may arrows shot at it already. My Mathews was punching arrows up to the vanes on a regular basis.

My we're digging deep to find comebacks :D
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So tell me, which would you rather be on the other side of a briar patch when it's fired in your direction ?


Or a load of 00Buck ?

Duh, that's a no brainer for me :D
Putting everyone within 50 yards of him in danger. You CANNOT do that with a vertical bow.
That's right...............

I forgot that a vertical Bow cannot be fired by someone that is "NOT SURE OF THEIR TARGET, AND BEYOND" ;)

Some yahoo can now pull a FULLY LOADED LETHAL weapon into his stand in the dark,in a close range season.
I believe that the State of NJ considers a Vertical Bow "loaded" if there is an ARROW nocked.
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