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Hunter's Ed. Manual (Bow Section)

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Below is a link to the current Hunter's Ed manual section that covers BOW Hunting. As you can see, new students are already being educated in the use of CrossBOWS in NJ.
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Interesting,is this manual vastly differant than previous ones,seriously
i think this was a good debate until your last post this is about hunter ed manual bow section not who crossed over to the other side
but, you know as well as I do....we are all wasting our time...because you will never like crossbows and I will never dislike them

Here we go ..............
From the pro side anyway
Just because my views don't match yours doesn't mean Im a "naysayer" and my posts are petty. To me "Saftey" is not petty.
Well said[up][up]
If you don't like the Crossbow conversation don't come here! If you don't want us to "pick" on you don't come here. Why do you poor misunderstood guys keep letting the crossbow community bully you around in the crossbow forum? All you are trying to do is protect YOUR SEASON AND YOUR DEER from the crossbow community!
Go back and reread this Tim,everything you've pointed out you've cried about yourself. Everyone has tried to be civil and you and Excal just want to start up what you previously cried to stop. Every post you make is full of anger and disrespect yet you point the finger at someone else. Grow up already,and don't whine to the mods if you're going to continue down this road. You get what you give.
Your damn right I will be behind you, FAR far behind someone who has spent possibly 2 minutes with a fully loaded weapon.
Now that's funny, but at the same time scarey.
but it's a know fact that Buckshot will go through all but the thickest briars. That why it's used on Deer Drives.
Wrong, this "myth" was debunked by guns and ammo mag years ago,twigs eat it up and the 32cal shot deflects off others like a 22 rifle. They are used on deer drives because most guys still believe as you do. :p
So tell me, which would you rather be on the other side of a briar patch when it's fired in your direction ?


Or a load of 00Buck ?

Duh, that's a no brainer for me
Now there's a brilliant statement,I guess a no brainer would say something like this. My answer is neither. Let me know when your done testing your theory though [rofl]
Sorry Paul but.....Is this said "briar Patch" located in "NJ" or some "Other State"??? Because Briar Patches located in NJ are very different than briar patches in any other state. If you could maybe dig in and do a lil' research and get us the answers to said questions.
Yet another brilliant anology,keep up the witty comebacks guys[hihi]
Full inclusion is not a 'big deal'..just the right thing to allow crossbows in all seasons compounds are allowed in.
Opinion from someone who doesn't even hunt,need I say more :D
Then we can go back to grillin' venison while sucking down the cold ones
Now there's something we can agree on
1 - 11 of 91 Posts
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