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Hunter's Ed. Manual (Bow Section)

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Below is a link to the current Hunter's Ed manual section that covers BOW Hunting. As you can see, new students are already being educated in the use of CrossBOWS in NJ.
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The f&g people are doing a fine job
Not to start an argument but this should show you guys HOW useless the F&G feels ANY hunters input is. The public comment period is STILL open but yet they have XBOWs in the Education manual.

Regardless of the propsal wouldn't you want to know that they value your input? This action shows total disrespect for the sportsmen of NJ.
If they RE-test then it is NOT "just another bow"[rofl]

The forum is for discussion which usually means BOTH sides to a story.

Come this fall this will all be behind us!!!
Your damn right I will be behind you, FAR far behind someone who has spent possibly 2 minutes with a fully loaded weapon.[rofl]
You mean the guy that has never fired a gun (ML or SG)
ANd I hunt FAR, FAR, FAR behind him too!!!
1 - 4 of 91 Posts
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