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Hunter's Ed. Manual (Bow Section)

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Below is a link to the current Hunter's Ed manual section that covers BOW Hunting. As you can see, new students are already being educated in the use of CrossBOWS in NJ.
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Do you predict some archery hunters ed instructors dropping out of the program cause of crossbows? Just a question.

This has been said many times before. The whole crossbow introduction was handle very poorly on the part of the state. This may cost them in the end. Just thought it needed to be said again.
One thing about being an "employee", is that you leave you feelings about anything at the gate before pulling in. We are Employees and therefore, we support F&W on all levels.
Sam, you are a good guy, but some people aren't as understanding as you. I was just curious to what you guys thought would happen. I talked to one guy last year when my nephew took his test. I never gave my view on crossbows, just listen to him talk about them and he wasn't to happy. Thanks
safety is always the best policy
Then the state should retest already licensed bowhunters that want to hunt with a crossbow, because what stated that manual, about crossbows, was never read by already licensed NJ bowhunters.
you just cant leave it alone can you??  give it up already, you guys arent getting your way so take the ball and go back to your own yards to play
What did I say? I stayed on topic and wasn't offensive.[confused][confused]
You all know Im not a fan of crossbow in archery season. But I, for the most part, bring up valid points to why I believe they don't belong in archery season. Just because my views don't match yours doesn't mean Im a "naysayer" and my posts are petty. To me "Saftey" is not petty.
1 - 6 of 91 Posts
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