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Hunter's Ed. Manual (Bow Section)

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Below is a link to the current Hunter's Ed manual section that covers BOW Hunting. As you can see, new students are already being educated in the use of CrossBOWS in NJ.
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Excellent manual.[up] Very thorough bow hunting section [up]
It's the love of teaching kids and adults that means the most, and knowing that they are safe hunters when they leave us.
[up][up][up] This is what it should be all about. :D

I hope all the hunter's Ed instructors will continue to feel the same. Safety has always been an important factor. :)
didnt t daley put a bolt through one of your targets at 100 yrds dead center
Bringing this up again? [sleep] He did, but if that old target was able to move, would have been a different story, as far as shot placement. [spy] When it comes down to it, shooting a fixed target is not the same as shooting live game. [eyeroll]
Crossbows have a safety, and some have more than one.[up][up] Seems to me crossbows are safer than vertical bows, in that respect. Why is it, those against crossbows continue to think all crossbow hunters are irresponsible yahoos? [sad] Am sure there are plenty of compound bow hunters who "could" fit that same description, but I prefer to be "supportive" of all hunters, as a rule. :D Weapon, alone, does not make a hunter unethical.
You can't mistakenly draw a bow, but you can mistakenly forget to click a button.
Safety stays on until you release it when you're going to fire. You can draw back on a vertical bow and prematurely fire the arrow. Still have to know your target and beyond...same for ALL weapons.

Where did you pull this from? I see that someone said it opens the door to bring in irresposible hunters, but you're making it seem like the poor crossbow hunters are getting picked on, which I don't see.
This has been the mindset for quite some time. Crossbow hunters have been called yahoos, slob hunters, ect. Am just saying the same "bad adjectives" can be used for any "unethical" hunter. Majority of hunters "are" ethical and good people, IMO. [up]
No, but a weapon itself, in certain situations can be seen as unethical. It's something called fair chase.
Unethical, to me, is taking a shot that is too risky. Using a legal weapon is not.

How is fair chase different? We're not talking about small fenced in pieces of land where the deer cannot run that far. [confusedagain]
If early season wasn;t a big deal, full inclusion wouldn't have been eaither.
Full inclusion is not a 'big deal'..just the right thing to allow crossbows in all seasons compounds are allowed in. Full inclusion is being considered in states where crossbows were allowed, but wasn't fully included. Same fighting as if they were no crossbows at all!! Do we need to have the same thing happen in NJ? I think we have argued enough over 3+ yrs, don't you? ;)
Opinion from someone who doesn't even hunt,need I say more
Whatever. Not about me, anyway. Right back at ya :p :D

Sounds to me, like you want it all, and thats what it's all about.
How can that be when I do not hunt? Just speaking, morally, as to "not" fight over it, all over again.
1 - 8 of 91 Posts
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