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Hunterdon Cty Parks Hunting Permits

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Has anyone ever hunted in any Hunterdon County Park?Is it worth a try.
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Ive hunted in Hunterdon County years ago in Ringoes, it was ok, I love Sussex Co
Bring a sleeping bag,the lines are long.People i know stand in line at midnight and take turns waiting.NOT KIDDING.
I hear of the samething as griz has.....waiting on line isnt for me
The lines are long... and the hunting is only ok. I've hunted two pieces, sourland mountain and cushetunk mountain. I can't speak for all the properties but the ones I've hunted are anything spectacular. Both pieces are surrounded by private property and/or unhuntable property. Sourland moutain backs up to the old lindberg estate that is now a boys correctional facility (no firearms allowed on it) and cushetunk backs up to round valley and the water authority (both unhuntable and patrolled). Once six day firearm starts, that's where the deer head. I know because I've walked it all (without a gun) and seen tons of deer... but the park property has been pretty barren.
Thanks! I was just getting some info off computer .I am not one for waiting in lines either or crowds in the woods.I am trying to find some new spots for upcoming year for shotgun and muzzleloader seasons.If I find one I could do some scouting early.
If you want to hunt the Hunterdon County park properties you can't get the permits on the first day unless you're a Hunterdon County resident.
yes.... I think it is.
If you want to hunt the Hunterdon County park properties you can't get the permits on the first day unless you're a Hunterdon County resident.
Yeah, the way they've worked it in the past is the county residents get first crack (normally saturday morning) and all others get it two days later (monday).
I have hunted a couple preserves in hunterdon county and have done well. didn't see one hunter all season on one piece and the other piece i only ran across one other hunter besides myself and my buddy that hunts it. Got to the wildlife office day it opened for out of town residence and was the first person on line. Got on line about 6:30 a.m. Wasn't bad at all. Actually i sent my brother inlaw to waite and get the permit for me but he said he was there at 6:30 and no problems. If you would like some info on the land i hunted and some other land that i hunt which just became state land, i use to hunt it for 10 years before the farmer sold it to the state. E-mail me at [email protected]
Hunterdon County residents get the first 2 days and non-residents get what ever is left! I saw the line this year for the non-resident day and it was long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People were sitting in lawn chairs so I would have to think they were there for awhile....
My buddy hunted there the past 5 years & he loves it . He has been on line at 5:00 they open at I think 8:00 & there was only 3 guys ahead of him. He did get the land he wanted the last two years . I'm thing of trying it this year
Shawnm, Your supposed to say he hates it. The lines are long and it's not worth waiting on!!!!! :D Now I'm going to have to get there even earlier this year!!!;)
I've been in 2 different clubs and I don't care for all the BS that goes on....[down]
Join a club for $450 to $600 and all the BS you can have or get the same kind of land for $45 & with no BS . You tell me
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