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After much discussion the decision has been made to add a hunt to support the American Cancer Society. 100% of the proceeds as well as our time and Deer will be donated along with any donations we receive.
I bet their's not one person reading this that has not been effected by Cancer one way or another. I myself am a Cancer survivor. I lost many friends and Family members to this horrible disease.
Although it is official, we will have to iron out the details, but the important thing is we are committed. Information will be released as soon as it is available.
For the record. We are also continuing hosting our annual LHWH Youth Hunt, Wounded Warrior Hunt, and Hunters Helping Heroes for 2014. As long as we receive support, we will host these hunts every year !!.
I want to take a minute to thank the MANY NJ Hunters that hunted with us this year and those whom offered advice and positive support.
We made allot of new friends in NJ, looking forward to seeing you Guys and Gail's again!!

Wayne Buckley
Liberty Hollow Whitetail Hunts.
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