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Here's a nice step by step instruction for walk back tuning a bow, so thought I'd share:

Walk backtuning
by nuts&bolts

Hang a weighted string from a nail on a target.

Stick a round sticker on the target face so that the string splits the sticker.Use your existing 20-yd pin, step back 20-yards from the target and fire at thesticker.

Don't worry about where the arrow hits.

Walk straight back to 30 yds, and using the same 20-yd pin setting,
fire an arrow at the sticker.

Repeat at 35 yds and at 40 yds, using the 20-yd pin and firing at the sticker.

If your arrows look like this pattern " / " or “\”,
then pick a direction and move your arrow rest 1/16th inch.

If the pattern gets straighter (more vertical), then that is great. Keepadjusting in that direction.

If the pattern gets more crooked, then adjust in the other direction.

Keep firing arrows and keep adjusting the arrow rest position until you get avertical pattern of arrows.

Eventually, your arrows will hit in the target is a straight up and down linelike this " | ".

LOCK down the arrow rest setting. Your centershot is perfect.

But, your vertical pattern of arrows may not be hitting the string.

The vertical pattern of arrows may be on one side of the string.
Let’s say the arrows are say 6-inches to the left of the weighted string.

Pick a direction to adjust your sight ring windage. Adjust the sight ringwindage 1/16th of an inch. Repeat the test. Fire arrows at least 3 distances,and see if the vertical pattern of arrows gets closer to the string.

If the vertical pattern of arrows is getting closer to the string, then that isgreat. Keep adjusting in that direction. If the vertical pattern of arrows isgetting farther away, then adjust in the other direction.

Eventually, you will have a vertical pattern of arrows right on top of thestring.

Lock down the windage and lock down the arrow rest. Windage and center shot arenow perfect.


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Nuts and Bolts is the man! He knows archery.
That guy tighten up my groups by looking at one picture of me at full draw. I went from averaging 250/17X to shooting 290/50x. I still haven't shot the magical 300 , but it is all mental at this point.
Anyone looking to learn how to fine tune your bow check out his posts on Archery Talk and I think he made a video (not to make money from it, just to help people out.)
He is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking too. He helped me so much I offered to pay him but he wouldn't accept any money.
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