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How many poles?

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Im going to be fishing in a pond opening day trout for the first time ever... Can I use more than one pole and if so how many?
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your not going to have enough room for more than one unless you get there early
i wish i could get waders. but heres my problem

i have a 30 inch waste and a smaller chest BUT my foot is an 11 so tey dont make them in my size... SO i get a pair of old shoes and shorts and just hop in. i have to wait till june to do that tho[down]
yeah thats what i was gonna say, do you really have to wait till exactly 8 am?
If you want to.. go for it but you will get caught and evryone around you will get PO'ed. Its the same thing as hunting out of season
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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