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How many poles?

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Im going to be fishing in a pond opening day trout for the first time ever... Can I use more than one pole and if so how many?
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You can set up in a spot BUT you can NOT start trout fishing till 8:00am on opening day April 11, 2009.

As for how many rods you can legally use at one time it is 3.

If you are fishing a stocked pond as I think you maybe, as there is no way you will be able to fish 3 rods in a fast moving stream or river as they are usual flooded out by opening day, then you would be much better off sticking with one rod in the water on opening day at least till the afternoon and the crowds of kids fishing with mom calm down or you will just spend the whole morning trying to untangle you lines with everyone around you ;)
Most pond stocking are targeted at local youth to draw them out for a family day or town fishing derby so they are usually quite crowed in the morning with youth trying there best to catch a fish [up]

Good Luck & Catch'um Up [up]
While I said I maybe there at 530, I am fully aware that I cant fish till 8.
Figured you probably knew but better to give you the info. and be safe then sorry[up]

What town are you going to fish in ? I will more then likely fish a local pond for the opening day myself [up]
This is one of my local pond trout from last year [up]

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1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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