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How is the crowds?

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A small pond near me had 41 trucks parked on the road. It is only a 14 acre pond. I saw six boats, canoes and kayaks. It looked like a mini-marina. This is my reason for missing the opener. It is fine to fish like this, but I don't. Plop, Spish, Splash, Wizzz-Plop, and Krpunk. Think the fish feel like they are getting bombed.

Till our trails cross,
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I never that of it that way....I guess the fish do feel like they are being bombed.


I know what you mean, I missed the opener unintentionally. I like to go with the family down the street. Its a good way to share a day. Couldnt make it today though.

I may go out later...

Have a good one and good luck when you get out there!---Matt
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