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How is the crowds?

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A small pond near me had 41 trucks parked on the road. It is only a 14 acre pond. I saw six boats, canoes and kayaks. It looked like a mini-marina. This is my reason for missing the opener. It is fine to fish like this, but I don't. Plop, Spish, Splash, Wizzz-Plop, and Krpunk. Think the fish feel like they are getting bombed.

Till our trails cross,
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Ryan, I went by two stocked lakes in my area, they were mobbed. I didn't count the trucks, but the parking area's were a mess, and cars parked up and down the street for more than 1/4 mile. There was NO room on the bank, and way too many boats on those little lakes. There were people waiting up near the road...I guess for someone to leave so they could get a piece of the bank to fish from. My kids were really dissapointed, but there was no way we could fish those spots.

The river was just as crowded and no one was catching anything...way too high and fast. Banks were shoulder to shoulder because no one could wade...too deep.
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