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How is the crowds?

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A small pond near me had 41 trucks parked on the road. It is only a 14 acre pond. I saw six boats, canoes and kayaks. It looked like a mini-marina. This is my reason for missing the opener. It is fine to fish like this, but I don't. Plop, Spish, Splash, Wizzz-Plop, and Krpunk. Think the fish feel like they are getting bombed.

Till our trails cross,
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Saw plenty of trucks up at flatbrook... but not as many as I expected. On my way up there I had to cross the south branch of the raritan, pequest, and the paulinskill. All were running really high and muddy. FB wasn't that bad though... but the fishing was horrible. I'm not sure if it was the late stocking and the fish were spooked or what, but I was one of maybe ten guys I saw that caught fish... and thats out of atleast 50. I got four so I'm happy.:D
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