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Good thread!

Outlaw, how many pins do you have on your bow to shoot out to 110 yards?[confused] The trajectory, and kinetic energy drop significantly out at those distances, Its really not fair to shoot at an animal that far, even if it is a lowly ground hog. Though there is nothing wrong with practicing that far. I used to practice out to about 90-100 yards, but its kind of pointless. I mean it can help with perfect form, but so does 60-70, and you dont have to walk as far to get your arrows. :D Now my furthest practice sessions are 70 yards.

The furthest shot I will take at an animal is about 40 yards, and that has to be perfect, (no wind, relaxed still animal, broadside, etc) because as was mentioned, a lot can go wrong even at shorter distances. My average bow-shot on deer is about 20 yards. The closest shot Ive ever taken was a little over 1 yard from a treestand, and 5 yards from the ground. Its embarrassing to say, but I actually missed the 5 yard ground shot. There was one limb there, and I had just read an article about aiming at the obstacle to put the arrow over it. Well, that works if you are shooting a little further. Apparently there wasnt enough arc to my shot and it didnt work in my case. I did almost scare the deer to death though, as the arrow whacked straight into the branch, shattering, bending, and causing all sorts of weird aluminum on tree trunk noises, as it fluttered harmlessly through the woods. Of course that was years ago, and I know my equipment much better now.

I used to be all into how far I could shoot though, but after 15 years of bowhunting now, I realize getting close to the animal is way more fun. This past season my three kills were about 9 yards, 7 yards, and 28 yards...Those first two were awesome.

So what are y'alls closest shots? Most memorable misses? Maybe I will start another thread.

Have a good one--Matt
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