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How do you track deer??

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OK... How do you track deer? I know everyone might say .... Look for Blood , Ture that is the best way to track deer, But what if there was no Blood . Do you know how to track deer then?

I have found,
tracks in soft dirt, You can us your hand to push down the dirt and see how old the track is. That is used mainly when you Spot & stalk .

Leaves turned over, check the leaves they should be just a couple. In a small area, Big area, most likely tree rats.

Brush, This is the most widely used tracking methed out there. It help so much in, that it tells you which way the game is moving .

Dropings, Those Great little black babies, God I love them. Why you ask.... They tell you, What the deer is eating, which way he/she is moving, how far away they maybe ( steamy beebee's no more the 5 minutes in front of you )

The best way to track deer is to be able to see the deer move in front of you.

Lets go back to Blood trails . If you start out with a nice trail, and then is starts to fade out. Mark it with a arrow or branch. Then start doing sweeps. ( side to side ) keep in mind to look under the leaves on the branches, deer are around waist higth. Check the leaves on the ground too, any that looks like it was moved. It could have flipped over.

I have seen there is some young hunters on here that might need to some help or ideas, tricks, hints, and most of all Understanding of wild game. Please anyone feel free to ask anything. Like the post on " Scouting"
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The book is Finding Wounded Deer: by John Trout Jr. It's excellent as is Finding Wounded Deer: by Richard P. Smith. About dogs. My brother arrowed a doe a few years back on a Saturday, so we went back the next day. The darn dog took off and 150yds later we caught up with him biting the heck out of the carcas.
Here's a story regarding peroxide. Many years ago (20 or so) I was going to go hunting, and the night before, as I was shaving, I cut myself. I didn't have a styptic pencil, so I used peroxide to clean up. Now in my hunting career, I had lost 2 Deer up until that point. (only 1 since) One deer went into a swamp, and the other up in Flatbrook Roy a bear got. Anyway, a light bulb went off inside my head, about using peroxide to BLOODTRAIL a deer. We all know that in the fall, leaves have small red flecks on them that look like blood. Well I started using it, and it has served me well ever since (as has toilet tissue). A few years later, I'm, at the Whitetail Jamboree, and I see a couple of"young guys" at this booth, and they're asking this guy about this new "trailing spray". He's selling it for at that time $6.99 for a 7oz bottle. Looking to help, I grab the one kid and tell him that the spray is only hydrogen peroxide with food coloring added to it. Needless to say, I convinced the kid to go to the store and buy a bottle of peroxide for .99 cents.
Then I thought about it. I should have thought about asdding food coloring to the peroxide, then marketing it.
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