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Yo in or out of the club I need some Tony. The last time my father and I and one of the fellows that fished with us brought a boat down from Shark River in the spring my dad bought I was 13. My father and our friend were so drunk my pop turned over the wheel as we were coming up the intercoastale at LBI into Morrisons marina and he haded me the wheel.He said your going to have to take her in.I was a little tipsy my self and there were no bouys out to navigate by. I slowed her down and rubbed bottom and had to sit there for a 1/2 out side the peir till the tide rose so I could get off. That Vino was so awsome and was made buy that german fellow. We had it for years till he passed away. He took the recipe with him.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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