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Hey Where is everyone from?

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I'm in Long Valley. If anyone wants to go hunting next fall let me know. I have pently of spots.
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Wonder if Ive ever met any of you at a WMA?

I live in Roxbury.

I hunt in;
and Forked River

I dont get out much for any of the gun seasons, but I practically live in the woods for bow seasons.:D

I dont like to discuss spots too much, as I usually have one big buck scouted in each area. Not always, but I try. Please dont take that the wrong way though!

If I meet someone in the woods, and they seem like a good guy and an ethical hunter, I do my best to help them out, if they need it.

Just wanted to mention that this is a great forum too...Im becoming addicted to this place.:D
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I haven't hunted the horse farm yet and that was the first place i was going to go this spring to ask permission since their property butts up against mine. And I have not even thought to ask at the camp. I believe the last time I was at the camp was for a boy scout thing years back. has the camp changed hands recently? Thanks for the help...and if anyone else open to bowhunting on the mountain please e-mail me at [email protected] because i just got word that our honey hole property we do hunt which is not in town has been sold and is in the works to be developed somehow be it housing or commercial. thanks again bob
Also BobR, i see that you enjoy surf fishing but if you have an urge to get off land and ty ur sealegs my family has a boat that we keep in the highlands. Hasnt seen a lot of use recently because of busy schedules but we do like to get out there as much as possible and catch stripers, fluke, blues bascially anything that tugs on the line.
MS22 I'll introduce you to the owner of the farm he lives on one of the other farms.I hunt all his farms & trap coyotes for them. That's how I get on alot of land doing coyote control. The camp changed hands a few years go but my friend controls the hunting rights there. IA small group hunts it but I'm sure they will let someone starting out hunt there a few times.
Thanks so much Bob...I have always heard coyotes back there but have yet to see one
Hey Bob, do you happen to be Kevin and Jamie's father. I have been tryin to figure out who you were since you said you had children that hung out around the neighborhood. My brother went to school with Jamie and I went to school with and was in cubscouts with Kevin.
yup, They are 2 of my 4 kids. Oh I been to you house. When the weather changes again you want to go **** hunting one night?
Did you play Lacross when I was coach?
Nope I never played lacrosse till I got to HS...I went to private school not wmc...My name is Mike Striffler...I would love to join you **** hunting since i have never been before but I wont be able to make it because I am bartending and waiting tables until i find a permanent job...I also work during the day for my friends father so my schedule is packed and I need all the night time sleep i can muster. hopefully I can find a night off somewhere down the road
i live in clifton nj and hunt in barbertown near clinton , frenchtown, and flemmington areas. i hunt all game..i would love to offer to take some of you hunting but is impossible being i belong to a gun club and no guests are allowed. had one buddy come with me a few times and people complained and big arguments started along with a bunch of new bilaw changes to be voted on soon. sorry.
Thats life in a club! I guess I can understand there point though. They work and pay for the club and the guest gets to enjoy the benifits of the work and money...
BobR, Give me a heads up when you are planning your next **** hunting trip cause I have rotating nights off each do you **** hunt? as I have said I have never been **** hunting before, or most any other small game for that matter, because I just started hunting and have focused on deer though all the talk on these forums about small game hunting sounds like a lot of fun
Small gaming is awesome MS22! I never did any **** hunting but rabbits are a blast to hunt! Along with most any of the game birds!
Drag do you have calls and/or decoys for crow?
I just have a crow caller (which I also use for turkey). Also, electonic callers are permitted... so if I can get a hold of a boom box... we can play crow call CDs/tapes.

BobR is the crow guru. I am trying to go with him one time at Black River.

I've seen crow decoys at Ramsey.
I mostly use "crow hunting" as an excuse to do some scouting with a loaded shotgun. [smirk]

Oh yeah... FYI... crows in NJ are considered migratory birds. Go figure.
The best part about crow decoys is if no crows come you still have something to shoot at! :D
Lodi, Bergen County for me, hunt in Montague, Sussex County
LOL I don't know if i'm a "crow guru" LOL But we do shoot a few LOL I'll do a crow shoot next week, it's open until the 19th. I'll be in NC this weekend. you'll need the waterfowl stamps to shoot crows. So unless you already have the stamps from 2004, I wouldn't buy them for a crow shoot. Because you'll need new ones in the fall.
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