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Hey Where is everyone from?

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I'm in Long Valley. If anyone wants to go hunting next fall let me know. I have pently of spots.
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Bridewater area... what do you have spots for? Deer?
"Both private or public. But you would never know they were public. "

BobR, those are the best kinds of places... when I used to hunt WMA's I would put on hip boots and trudge through swamps to avoid the crowds. I shot a point on Assunpink WMA when I was in college... in needed my canoe to get to my stand... but I was the only hunter in that part of the woods.
I've heard a few things about the 33 on a rock label. I've heard there are 33 words on the back label and that's what it stands for. I've also heard that the water originally used to brew rolling rock came from spring number 33 on the geological survey. So who knows.
I'm not the only survivor nut on here huh?[up]
1 - 4 of 285 Posts
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