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Hey Where is everyone from?

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I'm in Long Valley. If anyone wants to go hunting next fall let me know. I have pently of spots.
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Everything there is a season for LOL
I don't bother with deer any more but can show you afew spots if your in need of a place to kill some. I duck/goose hunt & run ****/bear hounds
Both private or public. But you would never know they were public.
Yup I hunt raccoons there. Do a little duck hunting there late season after all the sky busted are home by the fire. LOL We'll be over there this week crow hunting
Check your email
I don't deer hunt any more but can hook you up with some places up here on the mountain that will gladly let you kill deer. Have you hunted the horse farm out your back door or the Camp farther behind you?
MS22 I'll introduce you to the owner of the farm he lives on one of the other farms.I hunt all his farms & trap coyotes for them. That's how I get on alot of land doing coyote control. The camp changed hands a few years go but my friend controls the hunting rights there. IA small group hunts it but I'm sure they will let someone starting out hunt there a few times.
yup, They are 2 of my 4 kids. Oh I been to you house. When the weather changes again you want to go **** hunting one night?
Did you play Lacross when I was coach?
LOL I don't know if i'm a "crow guru" LOL But we do shoot a few LOL I'll do a crow shoot next week, it's open until the 19th. I'll be in NC this weekend. you'll need the waterfowl stamps to shoot crows. So unless you already have the stamps from 2004, I wouldn't buy them for a crow shoot. Because you'll need new ones in the fall.
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