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Hey Where is everyone from?

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I'm in Long Valley. If anyone wants to go hunting next fall let me know. I have pently of spots.
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Born in Perth Amboy, NJ, grew up in Oakhurst, NJ, now live in Long Branch, NJ.
JJoe - I was living in Perth Amboy from 1963 (birth) - 1965, but I've spent time up there every year since then...

My Grandparents from both sides lived on Wagner Ave. since the 1930's (Dad is 68, Mom is 67 - Dad has 4 other brothers-older and younger, and three younger sisters), and my Great Grand Parents lived on Summit Ave. in the huge house on the right, just off of Amboy Ave. since 1913-1990's.

My Uncle Mark (by marriage) was a Perth Amboy Police Officer for 28 years (canine, then retired as a Lt. Detective) in Amboy until he retired in the 1990's, and my Uncle Joe (by marriage) still works as a custodian at the PA High School. The current Wood Shop Teacher (28 years) at the High School is in my hunting club, and the old Principle of PA High School, Jules Uribe, and his wife area very close friends with my parents. Also, my Grandfather, when he was alive and healthy, worked for Cable Works, and built Waters Stadium in Perth Amboy and dug Roosevelt Park Pond in Edison. Everyone else worked for National Lead until the strikes in the 1970's.

Other relatives were Fire Chiefs and firemen in town in the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's. One Uncle owned a bar on Amboy Ave., at one time.

I still go up to visit the graves in the cemetary on Amboy Ave., and at Clover Leaf in Fords, and to see my living relatives and to go to Joe's Polish Meat Store and to Sipo's Bakery for rye bread and Polish cookies. I also do a little drinking at the Flat Iron Tavern, The American Legion Post, and the ZPA, when I'm up there.

Do you ever get back there?!?!?!??! What a great twon it was in the early 1960's and very early 1970's.
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JJoe - My Uncle Mark's last name was Speigel. He retired from Perth Amboy PD and opened up a video recording business in Perth Amboy - Pelican Videos - I used to shoot wedding videos all over the state with him. He passed away in Florida a few months back after having complications from a massive heart attack from which he never fully recovered.

The other family surnames are Tumpey/Tompey, Urbanski/Urban, Wasielewski, Sabat, Kovak, Moskal, and Schaadt.

My cousin John's Grandmother owned the now closed down Sciortino's Pizza in Perth Amboy - They had the best pies in town until City Hall pulled Eminent Domain and knocked it down for the new Perth Amboy Town Hall.

...And me too...I'm Kielbasied and Pierogied out after Easter myself !!!! I must have spent about $80.00 at Joe's Butcher Shop !!!! LMAO
drome -

Bum Rogers is the place to be at IBSP [cool][up][up]-I was just there last Sunday for some Garlic Crabs & Steamers with my girl - It was really nice at 2:00 PM, but the "New Yawkers/Bennies/WEBS" came in around 5:00 PM, so we made our egress shortly thereafter as the place got mobbed as usual with the damn Yankee (Northerners North of Sandy Hook!!!!:p) crowd!!!!

I can't wait for the "off" season to come so I can get down there for some more Garlic Crabs, Steamers, steamed Lobsters, and Budweisers during the Daily 4 - 6 PM Happy Hour (1/2 price eats), especially on Sundays!!!!! [up][up][up]
hunter -

You're just jealous that I make more money than you ,and live "down da shore" where I can fish, crab and clam at will, instead of having to drive 1 1/2 hours or more on a weekend to fish on a head boat, then drive all the way back to sit in 10 - 20 degree hotter weather!!! :D

...And, I don't have a problem with "the North", it's just little "girls" from Lyndhurst that work for NJ Transit (and New Yorkers) that come down and act like animals "down da shore" that annoy us peaceful, quiet loving "clam diggers"!!! :p:D

So, did you sign up for the deer hunting competition that Bacs came up with?

I'll get the message to Bacs to assure that you and I are on opposing teams so that I can open up a can of whoop a$$ on you and "learn y'all" how to hunt!!! :D:p[smirk]

I should be getting my TenPoint Pro Elite Crossbow Package w/ACUdraw in a few weeks, so I can show you who is your "DADDY" when it comes to bow hunting!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Maybe you and I can even have a little competition of our own?!?!?!?!??![confused][smirk]

The micro tear in my rotator cuff has healed nicely and I'm ready to hunt with crossbow and shotgun!!!!! [up][up][up]

The game's on, boy, so let's git r done!!!!!:D
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