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Hey Where is everyone from?

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I'm in Long Valley. If anyone wants to go hunting next fall let me know. I have pently of spots.
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Are these deer spots private or public?:D
Thats life in a club! I guess I can understand there point though. They work and pay for the club and the guest gets to enjoy the benifits of the work and money...
Small gaming is awesome MS22! I never did any **** hunting but rabbits are a blast to hunt! Along with most any of the game birds!
Drag do you have calls and/or decoys for crow?
The best part about crow decoys is if no crows come you still have something to shoot at! :D
Welcome aboard Swamp Hunter! We need more South and central Jersey people here. Tell all your friends. LOL! :D
Where did you used to hunt Dan?
Welcome to the boards and good luck on your first NJ hunt![up]
Sounds great griz! I'm sure you'll find some takers here! Welcome to the boards by the way! [up]
Welcome to the boards Tuna Slayer!!!!! Glad you done lurking! I love that word!:D
Griz here it is: [email protected]
Welcome to the boards raptor! We're glad you found this board too![up]
Hear that? A lot of people hunting on state land off of Green Pond Road! Stay away...You wont like it here oops I mean there! STAY AWAY! ;)
hldonfishn...My yard backs up to live in the Boro or Township?
I greww up in the Boro but now live in the Township... I bet are paths have crossed along the way...
I was pissed she got voted off last night![down]
Welcome to the site Beaverkill!!![up]
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