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hey jerseyhunter, a friend?

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hey jersey hunter. i met a friend of yours yesterday at targeteers. he came down there with his daughter to shoot.
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Yea, that was (fishguy) he's a fish monger at the shoprite I shop at. Also a huntng buddy of mine. We met about 3 years ago. I thought it odd a guy wearing camo hat selling fish. He's taken some nice bucks and has a fine shed collection. He has taken his daughter hunting on alot occasions and this year she's getting her license. Speaking of being a buddy, he just gave me a package of Elk burgers, MMMMmmmm. Now I might have o go apply for a tag.:D
A few years ago I met a guy while shed hunting in Basking Ridge who worked at a supermarket.I remember him talking about a nice shed antler his daughter found.I wonder if it was fishguy?[confused]
Just called him up. Yea ,that was him. He used to work there abouts and still does some of his shed hunting there'
Jerseyhunter,small world.He seemed like a real decent guy and he had a pic of a beautiful P&Y he shot.Cool stuff [up]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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