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hahaha...every deer i post is a young deer. didnt u say that about the last 2 i posted?? this i agree on, i think hes 2 and a half but i may be wrong. at my place alota horn walks by. I only got one buck behund my place last year a nice 9.....o and my buddy wacked one in the sholder and never got was only a 1 freakin 50 class!!! good news is late muzzy season we did see him alive. good and bad i guess. bad that he wounded him but good he made it and im sure hes still walkin around. one wierd thing is I saw him like 80 yards from where my buddy shot him in the sholder. he really didnt go anywhere. i thought he woulda left and never came back
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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