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Here she is, Emily Grace!

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I'm going to post some more as soon as i resize the images.
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Thank You Rich. It was totally incredible. I cried like a little baby.:)[up][up][up]
Funny Woj how us MACHO MEN can sometime's get tear's in our eye's
i hear you rich. it was like my first born. It was so incredible. nothing can ever surp [no swearing please] it.
i hope you mean angel?

The bad news is my wife has total baby fever after seeing those pics!!!!! She's gonna want MORE!!!!
your in trouble!:D
thanks sal!!!
8lbs 10 oz
born 2:25PM.
Now go out there and get some
get some what? this is how we got pregnant in the first
thanks Jim and el jefe!
Wait until they are all in their teens!!!!
or what about PMS!
I hear ya JT!
thanks guys!
1 - 16 of 47 Posts
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