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Here is a great Noodlin website

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Watch the short video they have on it [up]:D
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Damn. My lake has decent snapper turtles...I would be afraid to noodle.[smirk]
You and me both. I have some big snappers here in NJ by me also.[confused]
Snapping turtle makes good soup... good burgers too. Just make sure you grab them by the tail, grabbing the other end is a bad idea.:p
back in Pa we used to shoot snappers with the 22's on this guys pond, and some where bigger than the bottom of a 55 gallon drum, roughly 30-50lb snappers
taste like chicken!
I heard it is good and I was told that I had it when I was a kid. But I don't think I could find it in me to try it. They just look gross :p
There was a guy, that would make soup out of them, And let me tell ya, thqt must have been alot of soup for the size and amount we shot in one day
You should try cleaning one... when you split open the shell and have it laying there, it almost looks human, like a baby laying on it's back... you feel kinda guilty. But the lake where I grew up had quite a few big bruisers and they had to be taken out.
They eat all the fish, even large bass, carp, trout, etc...even heard of them eating geese
That was one of my main reasons for harvesting one, they eat too many ducklings.
I would love to see one snatch up a duck or goose....I have a sick mind!!! :D
Geese yes, ducks know. There are too many geese.
hkdonfishn - THAT WAS GREAT!!!!:)[up][up]

Now I know that I'm DEFINITELY gonna make a trip to Oklahoma or Missouri to try out some Noodlin'/Grabblin' especially hopin' that one of my partners looks like some of the "hot" girls in the video!!!!:D
Snappin' Turtle Soup is fantastic - I used to make a few trips to the Lobster House in Cape May to get a few big bowls fulll and some to take home.
Homemade Snapper Soup-A Rich Turtle Soup, crock $3.75

Tip - Go there at Lunch time - the price is 50% less for the same size portion that you'd get at Dinner time!!! [up]
Maybe I will try it one day.
Who wants to try?
i saw them do that on a show on the discovery channel. the show is called "dirty jobs"
I'll do it next week, someone get me a wetsuit.
the show is called "dirty jobs
That show is great.
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