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HI just started to log onto site this is nick from eastlink thanks to all that has been talking about us, we try to help our customers like we like to be treated thank you again nick:D
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Welcome ElBait
Welcome Nick, Im actually right down the street from you in the Landing area. Havent had a chance to stop in yet, but Ive heard good things so far.[up]
matty looking to have a shoot but you know what this towns like any infor. on location we can hold one, have venders that will put up som great prizes.
elbait - what about at the Rockaway River WMA range at Berkshire Valley Rd and Taylor Rd?
I'm open to any location who would I talk to to set it up thank you
Yeah I was thinking one of the WMA's might allow it.

Like Drag said, they have ranges at berkshire valley, and black river.

Also Pequest holds a 3D event every fourth Sunday.

Your best bet would be to contact the Division, and justlet them know what you have in mind. They seem to be really open to ideas.

Also, you should look for the post about our upcoming picnic. It will be held when the 3d shoot is, so if you can make it, you should come out and meet some people! It would be good for business, and for the 3d shoot idea![up]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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