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Heart-broken.....some tramp stole my man

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Well, I was out this morning. Very little gobbling but not very surprised given the weather conditions. I didn't see anything until about 6:20. I was working the slate call and the mouth call at the same time when a gobble nearly blew my hat off! I looked to my left and 50 yds. out there stood a gobbler. I have no idea how he snuck in on me like that. I got my gun on him and tried calling him in with a little love talk. He walked about 30 yds out and all of the sudden he took off, not running but he was definitely in a hurry.[confused] I stuck around about 20 mins. more but no more activity. The worst part is, I sat down about 10yds from where I originally put my gun down to set up. If I had set up in the spot that I was originally going to, I would have been 10yds closer with an open shot.[wallmad] It would have been lights out for that bird! Oh well, not the first time that's happened.

So, on my way out I scan the area where that bird went and sure enough there's a hen with two toms strutting right behind her. He must have seen the hen and tom from up top and that's why he zipped past my calling and my decoys in such a hurry, he knew exactly where he wanted to go. Again, I called with the slate and mouth calls, trying to get the hen to come in. I got a gobble out of one of the toms but the hen wanted nothing to do with it. Once I realized that she was leaving, I knew the toms would go with her so I circled around and tried to cut them off but she beat me there. I checked my watch...ugh, it's 7:00, I've got to get to work.[mad] At least I wasn't late today. I'm going back tonight to roost those birds, I'm hoping to get to the toms before she does tomorrow. I hope they enjoy their time with their mistress today.....tomorrow, somebody's getting dumped.:D
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Good luck!! [up][up]
Good luck [up]
[rofl] good luck.
Good luck!!
You'll zero in on him tomorrow! [up]
Bring your rain gear, going to be a wet one!
Great sense of humor. [hihi] Good luck next time out. [up]

[spy].....welllllllllllll...what happened[eyeroll]
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