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Head Count for the NewJerseyHunter Picnic

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Ok guys, MysticGuido, has done a great job of organizing a picnic for all of us to meet up at. He has provided us with access to the picnic area at Pequest Trout hatchery on Saturday the 20th of August (8am-5pm) (along with other possible activites).

What Id like to do to help out, is get a head count of who all is going.

If you plan on attending, please post here, if you plan on attending with friends/family, please post the number of people you are bringing. If you are unsure, just put down a maybe.

I will find out more info and post it as soon as I have it. Such as if shooting will be permitted, and grill access, etc,.

Also, organizing an event such as this can be difficult, so Id like your input.

For food, should we;

A: Bring our own, and share if we want.

B: Chip in $5-$10 each to pay for a food shopping spree.

C: Assign items to individuals to bring.

Please include that in your post. Or feel free to share other ideas.

Thanks goes out to MysticGuido for putting this together... looking forward to a great picnic, and hopefully some shooting![up] See you all there!
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Matty....I will be on vacation that week so I will not be attending....[sad]
You too?

Who all is going....better not be just me and dragthor cooking burgers. Nothing against you drag, but....:p:D
Myself & Mrs. Nightstalker will be attending. We're flying in from Montana a few days before that from a 2 week Horse pack trip/ praire dog hunt, so I'll touch base with you guys to see what we need to bring. I've organized these things before, and your best bet is to see if there are grills there, then everyone brings their own food. They can bring extra if they will be having something out of the ordinary. Such as Elk steaks, Caribou,Moose, Road Kill stew, or whatever.Then others can try it. If you can shoot there, how about a clay pigeon shoot ? A couple of cases of clays are cheap, and they go a long way. Bring your own gun, shells, and a sense of humor :D
i'll be going with with the family. i say everyone bring your own. there are grills there at the hatchery. they have no shooting areas for guns at pequest. they only have a bow range. but for me bringing my kids i'm not bringing my bow or shooting. i'll just hang around the picnic and BS with the guys.
I will be there with the Better half..[up]
I can't make the Saturday because of a wedding as well. Any chance of moving it to Sunday??

Ok, its funny you should mention moving it to Sunday, because Mrs. Dunne, the lady allowing us to organize this, said that if we want to switch it to Sunday the 21st, it may be best because they would have the 3D course set up for us. Of course we can still shoot the regular range on Saturday. NO GUNS! BOW ONLY!

From what I understand, we will need our own grill(s). Im going to meet with her sometime this week, and go over everything, so if we want it switched to Sunday, let it be known now, or forever hold your peace. :D

It looks like it will be a BYOS (bring your own stuff) as MysticG had suggested in the first place.

If someone could bring a digital camera though, that would be great so we can document what a great time we had, and post the pics on here for everyone else to become jealous of.:D:D:D

Please let me know which date you would like, Saturday the 20th or Sunday the 21st. Its still far enough away to adjust the date by a day.;) Especially if it would allow a few more people to come!

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