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Okay here goes nothing,
1: Reason for handgun..none that I know of in regards to the buck I know he really likes his pistol and probably just wanted it in his pick. The reason for haveing a pistol out there is our land is literally probably 50 to 60 miles from anything and then about 10-12 miles down a dirt road from the main road, illegals and not so nice people tend to roam through these areas from time to time and smart thing to do is have a pistol around .. has nothign at all to do with the buck.
2. Question from me, How can holding a hand gun while taking a pic with the deer you just shot be bad for hunting...[confused] There is nothing political about this picture.
3. Yeah it is still in the 60-70's in the lake amistad/ del rio area..probably had a fire is about a little less than a mile from his stand and they drove it back with the truck, we have it set up to string up our deer in the camp. Gutting was next..had a pic but it did not get shown.
4. lol mr12gauge..Yep the deer was tresspassing and we shoot on sight down there! lol
5. Countryboy..where is the poor taste.. I think a pic of a deer all bloodied up or with blood and drool hanging out the nose and mouth etc is in poor taste but that is my opinion and I know it is possibly only my opinion.. that is fine..but I keep it to myself. (
6. ummmm caption ..hmm okay lets see.
" me like little likey venison..its time for show and tell" lol I granted that was dumb but the pic has no meaning .. it is just a pic of my brothers deer he just took.. thats all. He probably had the gun with him at the time and decided to pull it out and put it in the pic.. I know it looks like he is pointing it at the deer..( I guess technically he is) but he is just showing his gun is all..nothing special.
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